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Meta Parameters

Meta parameters are common to all resources and are applied in the same way that resource specific parameters are added.



Type: []string
Required: false

Depends on allows you to specify resources which should be created before this one. In the instance of a destruction, this container will be destroyed before resources in.

In the following example the resource container b would only be created or destroyed once container a has completed sucessfully.

container "a" {#...}
container "b" {  depends_on = ["container.a"]#...}


Type: boolean
Required: false Default: false

When set to true the resource or module will not be created or destroyed.

In the following example the resource container a would be created and destroyed but container b and any resources defined by module a or its submodules would not.

container "a" {#...}
container "b" {  disabled = true#...}
module "a" {  disabled = true#...}