The module resource allows a blueprint to reference other files or blueprints. Blueprints can be referenced from the local file system or from GitHub repositoryies

Minimal Example

network "onprem" {
subnet = ""
// Reference a local Blueprint stored in a sub folder
module "consul" {
source = "./sub_module"
// Reference a remote Blueprint stored in a GitHub repository
module "nomad" {
source = ""

Run this example:

shipyard run
Running configuration from: ./examples/modules
2020-04-27T08:49:04.205+0100 [DEBUG] Statefile does not exist
2020-04-27T08:49:04.206+0100 [INFO] Creating Network: ref=cloud
2020-04-27T08:49:04.206+0100 [INFO] Creating Network: ref=onprem
2020-04-27T08:49:19.232+0100 [INFO] Creating Container: ref=consul
2020-04-27T08:49:19.323+0100 [DEBUG] Image exists in local cache: image=consul:1.7.2
# ...



Type: string
Required: true

Source of the Blueprint to include, can either be a local path ./sub_folder or a remote GitHub repository