The version command allows you to manage the currently installed versions of Shipyard.

โžœ shipyard version
Current Version: 0.1.4
shipyard version [flags]
shipyard version [command]
Available Commands:
install Install a Shipyard version
list List the available Shipyard versions
-h, --help help for version
Use "shipyard version [command] --help" for more information about a command.

To allow compatability between the version of Shipyard a user has installed and the version ed to create resources, Shipyard allows you to create resources with versions other than the main installed version.

This capability is either executed automatically when a blueprint author specifies the shipyard_version in the blueprint ReadMe.

title: Simple Kubernetes Example
author: Nic Jackson
slug: k8s_cluster
- KUBECONFIG=${HOME}/.shipyard/config/k3s/kubeconfig.yaml
shipyard_version: ">= 0.1.1"

Or when a you run a blueprint with the -v flag:

โžœ shipyard run -v 0.1.2 .
Running blueprint with version: v0.1.2
Running configuration from: /home/nicj/go/src/