The run command reads Shipyard configuration files and uses them to create resources. The run command can be used either with a file shipyard run file.hcl, a directory shipyard run ./, or a GitHub repository shipyard run

Run also has a number of flags which can be used to alter the behaviour:

โžœ shipyard help run
Run the supplied stack configuration
shipyard run [file] [directory] ... [flags]
# Recursively create a stack from a directory
shipyard run ./-stack
# Create a stack from a specific file
shipyard run my-stack/network.hcl
# Create a stack from a blueprint in GitHub
shipyard run
-h, --help help for run
--force-update When set to true Shipyard ignores cached images or files and will download all resources
--no-browser When set to true Shipyard will not open the browser windows defined in the blueprint
--var strings Allows setting variables from the command line, varaiables are specified as a key and value, e.g --var key=value. Can be specified multiple times
--vars-file string Load variables from a location other than *.vars files in the blueprint folder. E.g --vars-file=./file.vars
-v, --version string When set, run creates the specified resources using a particular Shipyard version
-y, --y When set, Shipyard will not prompt for confirmation



Type: boolean
Required: false
Default: false

Shipyard caches Docker images, Helm Charts, and Blueprints downloaded from external sources. In the instance you would like to force shipyard to redownload this resource, for example you have a docker container using the latest tag and would like to update it to the most recent checksum. You can use the force-update flag.


Type: boolean
Required: false
Default: false

Shipyard allows you to optionally override the behavior of resources which have browser open parameters. Setting this flag to true stops Shipyard from opening browser windows.


Type: string
Required: false

The var flag allows you to set the value for Shipyard variables from the command line. Setting a variable with this flag takes precedence over any environment variables or variable files.
This flag may be specified multiple times.


Type: string
Required: false

Allows you to specify the location of a variable file. By default Shipyard will attempt to load a *.vars file from the Blueprint folder, this flag allows you to specify an additional variables value file.


Type: string
Required: false

Allows you to create resources with a different version of Shipyard than the installed version. Shipyard will automatically download the other version into a temporary location and run the command using this version. If Shipyard needs to download the version specified by the flag, the user will be prompted for action.


Type: bool
Required: false

When specified, answers yes to any confirmation prompts for the user.