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The destroy command, removes the currently defined resources.

Command Usage#

Destroy the current stack or file.         If the optional parameter "file" is passed then only the resources contained        in the file will be destroyed
Usage:  shipyard destroy [file] [flags]
Examples:  shipyard destroy
Flags:  -h, --help   help for destroy


โžœ shipyard destroy2020-08-16T13:33:31.160+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Kubernetes configuration: ref=app config=[/home/nicj/go/src/]2020-08-16T13:33:31.160+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Ingress: ref=app type=ingress2020-08-16T13:33:31.394+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Cluster: ref=k3s2020-08-16T13:33:31.832+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Network: ref=local